Vince McMahon reportedly fines referee Rod Zapata for botching finish of WrestleMania main event

Rod Zapata

The fallout from the main event of WrestleMania 35 continues.

There was no Ronda Rousey on Raw this week, nor was there Charlotte Flair on either show, but there was a double champion in Becky Lynch who had an adoring fanbase to address.

The new contender for the titles looks to be Lacey Evans, who has now done something other than make her entrance as she has had altercations with Lynch on both shows this week.

It seems like with no more automatic rematches in place for former champions that Rousey won't get another chance at the Raw title for now.

With Ronda Rousey not scheduled for any WWE shows going forward, it seems she will not get a Raw Women's title rematch

Rumours were rife months ago that she would be taking an extended break from the business after 'Mania and it looks as though it now may be true, with the former UFC champion not advertised anywhere going forward.

And she was apparently not happy at how the closing stages of the main event had transpired.

Previous reports from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful had stated that Charlotte was supposed to tap out to Lynch at 'Mania, however it seems as though now that Rousey being pinned was the intended finish after all.

Vince McMahon still wasn't happy though.

Vince McMahon has decided to fine WrestleMania main event referee Rod Zapata, according to Fightful

According to Sapp, the referee for the match, Rod Zapata, had initial heat following the incident where Rousey failed to have her shoulders on the mat at the start of the count, but it had quickly dissipated.

McMahon had a change of heart though before Raw on Monday, and subsequently fined Zapata for not doing his job properly.

Sapp continued to state that because of Rousey's inexperience in the ring, her matches are laid out spot-by-spot ahead of time and that if the referee didn't start the count when he did it could have seriously bamboozled her if she kicked out.

It seems harsh considering the circumstances but in McMahon's viewpoint the business could've been harmed from such a careless botch - thankfully though they can cover over it if needs be with a storyline when Rousey returns.

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