Bernie Ecclestone criticised over Michael Schumacher comments


Michael Schumacher’s former manager Willi Weber has slammed Bernie Ecclestone for derogatory comments regarding the F1 legend.

The 88-year-old prior CEO of the Formula One Group recently gave a controversial interview with Sport Bild and spoke candidly about the mentality of the seven-time world champion Schumacher.

“His problem was that he had no limits,” said Ecclestone, per

“The scandals brought a lot of publicity, but not the right kind.”

The billionaire tycoon was referring to incidents like Jerez 1997, when Schumacher turned in on his championship rival Jacques Villeneuve.

Ecclestone also said Schumacher was wrong to return from retirement in 2010.

“It was good for F1, but not so good for him. But that’s what I meant by him not knowing his limits.”

Weber was heavily critical of Ecclestone’s comments, calling him both “stupid” and “narrow minded.”

“That’s stupid talk from Ecclestone.

“As a racing driver, you have to go to and sometimes beyond the limit.

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“Nobody knew this better than Michael, who became the most successful racing driver of all time. Bernie knows it too. The fact is that Villeneuve actually invited him to drive into him.

“I told Michael ‘if you do it, do it right, just as Prost and Senna did a dozen times.’ But he did it half-heartedly, because as a German he knew it was s***.”

Weber also stated that Schumacher and Ferrari’s success were the catalyst that propelled the sport to unthinkable new heights.

“Michael put F1 in a place it had never been before and may never be in again,” said Weber.

“And yet now he talks like that about Schumi who cannot speak for himself.”

German F1 driver Michael Schumacher smil

As for Schumacher’s return to F1 with Mercedes in 2010-2011, Weber revealed: “I actually advised Michael that he could not win, he could only lose. But he was simply inspired by the idea of succeeding again with his old friend Ross Brawn.

“The fruits were then harvested by Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff.”

Schumacher is currently receiving medical care at his family home near Lake Geneva, Switzerland.
The 50-year-old German suffered a severe head injury at Meribel ski resort in France and was left in a coma more than five years ago.

From what we know of his injuries, Schumacher is unable to walk or talk, but sources have claimed he can show emotions.


His family issued a rare update on his health back in January via a statement on the official Schumacher Facebook page.

“You can be sure that he is in the very best of hands and we are doing everything humanly possible to help him.

“Please understand we are following Michael’s wishes and keeping such a sensitive subject as health….in privacy.”

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