Triple H doesn't think Vince McMahon will ever give up working on WWE creative


As each year passes in the WWE, many fans discuss exactly when Vince McMahon will retire from the WWE and take some much-deserved rest following an impressive wrestling career.

The WWE Chairman has played a heavy hand in the operations of the WWE since taking over the company from his father in the 1980s. Although some of his booking decisions have been questionable over the years, WWE wouldn't be where it is today without his influence.

During a recent interview with Sports Business Journal, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were asked when they thought Vince would decide to leave the WWE and ride off into retirement.

The Game replied that he doesn't think the day will ever arrive as he believes his father-in-law will always want to have his hands in the creative process.

He said, via 411Mania: “He has the most incredible work ethic of any person I have ever seen. It’s impossible to hang with him on a long-term basis even at 73. It’s crazy.

"Still trains every day, still does everything. But he’s hands-on on so many things, not because he micromanages or not because he can’t let people succeed or do things, but when it comes to the creative and shows, he’s still at RAW and SmackDown every week because that’s the part that he loves.

"He found himself later as a businessman but that’s what he loves to do. He’s awesome at it and that’s his…it’s his passion. He won’t give that up. Not because he should. It’s his passion. It’s being a songwriter. He’s always going to want to collaborate and work on a song. Always.”

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Triple H and Stephanie also gave an insight into the scripting process of WWE storylines, revealing how far in advance they plan and what leads to changes to those plans.

Stephanie said: "We try to have a basic plan with their script a year out, you know. But inevitably, things happen and storylines change.

"Another beautiful thing about WWE is because we are live 52 weeks a year, we have no off season, we have no reruns, and we essentially have a live focus group every single night at these live events telling us what’s working, what’s not working, and what they don’t care about so we can shift and adjust our plans as needed."


Triple H added: "And you’re dealing with athletes and you’re dealing with injuries and the ability to shift and pivot at a moment’s notice to where you want to go.

"The beautiful thing for us is – I was told this early in my career – beauty comes out of chaos a lot, and sometimes when you get into a situation where the worst possible thing happens, leading into a big event somebody gets injured and you think ‘oh this is the worst thing that could happen’, it leads you to come up with something better."

Although it looks like Vince isn't going any anytime soon, at least he's taken a step towards developing storylines by listening to what the fans have to say. WrestleMania 35 was a prime example of just that.

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