Martin Keown tells Jake Humphrey ‘I’ll put you away’ in awkward exchange


Jake Humphrey is an excellent broadcaster - one of the best in the business - and he’s certainly played his part in helping make BT Sport a huge success over recent years.

However, he has been involved in his fair share of awkward moments with pundits during that time.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He’s not afraid to ask his colleagues difficult questions or take the p*** out of them, which can actually be quite refreshing.

However, you have to wonder whether the former professional footballers that work alongside him get a little irritated with him from time to time.

The latest awkward moment happened on Thursday night with Martin Keown, during the Europa League clash between Arsenal and Napoli at the Emirates Stadium.

As the players walked off the pitch, with Arsenal 2-0 up thanks to an Aaron Ramsey strike and a Kalidou Koulibaly own goal, Keown and Humphrey were involved in an awkward on air exchange.

"It's very obviously only half-time in the tie..." Keown said.

Humphrey then jumped in and joked: “Great observation, Martin.”

However, this cheeky quip sparked a tense reaction from Keown, who responded: "You trying to put me away, Jake? I'll put you away."

Watch it here (sound on)…

As you can probably imagine, viewers at home immediately jumped on to social media after hearing Keown’s reaction.

Let’s look at some of the reaction on Twitter….

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Humphrey went on to post two tweets, referencing his exchange with Keown.

Arsenal went on to win the match 2-0, but Keown is worried about his former club’s terrible away record this season.

"I'm concerned. They had chances to make it safe and they didn't. That's the worry,” he was quoted as saying by the Mirror.


"It will now be very interesting to see what tactics Emery employs in the away leg now.

"Does he go with the same team, we played really well tonight? Napoli didn't cash in but they may well done next week.

"So does he change things up and tighten up in certain areas?

"It's a big call but I do feel to go through they are going to need to get a goal over there."

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