Ghana football referee Theresa Beremansu assaulted officiating a women's game


A female Ghanaian football referee Theresa Beremansu was assaulted by football fans at the Women's league game in Sunyani, Ghana for reportedly not adding enough injury time.

The Normalisation Committee was appointed by FIFA in partnership with the government of Ghana to manage the affairs of football after a documentary on corruption in Ghana football. 

The documentary led to the government suspending all football activities last year. As part of the reform, the Normalisation Committee hosted the women's league semi-final between Prisons Ladies and Ampem Darkoa Ladies at the Sunyani Army Park.

The game saw Ampem Darkoa win 1-0 courtesy a 48th-minute goal from Mavis Owusu, but it also saw cameras pick up the incident of referee assault by a group of men. It is reported the group were among the fans of the home team Prisons Ladies, who were dissatisfied with the number of minutes allocated to injury time.

It was reported that the fans beat her without any intervention from the assigned security personnel or officials from the prison services. Instead, it was reported that some joined in with the assault before whisking her away from the angry mob.

The incident will serve as a major setback for the Normalisation Committee. This incident took place on Sunday and there is no response from the Ghana Football Association or any official body as yet. 

Theresa Beremansu

With the rise of women's football globally and Ghana trying to rebuild their standing at home and on the international stage, this is not a good start and the conversation about governance needs to come up again because of the lack of authority or direction for football in a country where football was once respected and truly loved. 

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