The Superstar Shake-up edition of Raw has reportedly been re-written due to travel issues

Vince McMahon

The long-awaited Superstar Shake-up is finally upon us, and WWE fans are looking forward to seeing who will be switching brands over the next two days.

Already rumoured to be trading Tuesday nights for the red brand are multi-time WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos, with Jimmy and Jey losing their SmackDown belts last Tuesday to The Hardy Boyz.

It will give them some fresh opponents after a long feud with The New Day and really doing all they can do on the blue brand.

Last weeks post-WrestleMania episodes saw several stars appear on their non-regular brands, with Kofi Kingston facing Seth Rollins in a 'Winner Takes All' match on Raw - teasing fans that the brand split may be about to end.

Also appearing that night were the collective unit of 'The Bar' - Sheamus and Cesaro, and then the following night saw Raw wrestlers Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre appear in the unfamiliar surroundings of SmackDown.

This could be a sign of things to come, sans Kofi as the WWE Champion and Universal Championship will surely not switch sides, but there's easy cases to make for the other stars that appeared that they could do with such a change.

Some plans could be on the backburner though as news has broken of a potential issue with tonight's Raw.

The Usos are strongly rumoured to be heading to Raw in the Superstar Shake-up tonight

Raw and SmackDown will form a double-header of shows in Montreal, Canada but according to John Pollock of Post Wrestling, some personnel are struggling to get there on time for tonight, personnel that includes superstars.

Pollock has stated that certain bits of Raw are being re-written as a result of the plaguing travel issues and it may even jeopardise some Shake-up changes, although Pollock couldn't confirm this.

It's not unusual for Vince McMahon to re-write the whole Raw script just hours before they go on-air, but there's a chance some of the switches will have been planned for months in advance and now they could potentially be ruined.

We will have to wait until show-time to see how drastic the changes and absentee's are on Raw tonight, but still expect a plethora of changes to come regardless of who makes it to the Bell Center.

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