AS Roma tweet announcing that all players are banned from meeting Drake this season


Football is a game of winners and losers. 

Often, when a team ends up on the losing side, excuses are made.

Some managers blame the weather, the pitch, the atmosphere or even the kits - Sir Alex Ferguson and Jurgen Klopp, we're looking at you. 

Despite all the excuses, teams and their players are usually the only ones responsible for a poor result.  

Sometimes though, the blame has been placed on Canadian rapper, Drake.

You've probably heard of the 'Drake Curse' by now, but just in case you haven't, here's what it's all about...

Whenever Drake poses for a photo with a famous sports star or even when he just wears a particular team’s gear, things end badly for them.

It started in America, with the Toronto Raptors and the University of Kentucky basketball teams both losing. Then he infamously posed with Conor McGregor and the curse went worldwide. 

More recently, a number of football teams have fallen victim to the 'Drake Curse'.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Jadon Sancho and Sergio Aguero all took photos with the music star before Arsenal, Dortmund and Manchester City went on to lose recently - and it happened to PSG last weekend too

Things have become so bad, that Roma's official Twitter account has suggested that their players are now banned from having photos with the famous rapper. 


"All Roma players banned from taking photos with Drake until the end of the season," the club's English account tweeted. 

The post has since been retweeted by Roma's official Italian account and has picked up over 47,000 likes, 17,000 more retweets and 1000 replies. Talk about going viral. 

Clearly, the Serie A club are desperate to finish in the top four this season to confirm Champions League football. 

And with the 'Drake Curse' dominating recent headlines, Roma are taking absolutely no risks as we reach the business end of the season.


Do you believe in the curse affecting sports teams? Have your say in the comments below. 

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