Eddie Hearn slams Jarrell Miller for failing drugs test ahead of Anthony Joshua fight

Anthony Joshua v Jarrell Miller - Press Conference

Eddie Hearn has said he would feel "sick" by the thought of Anthony Joshua being hurt by a fighter who has taken performance-enhancing drugs.

AJ was set to fight Jarrell Miller on June 1st in Madison Square Garden, New York but the American fighter has been refused a boxing license for the fight having failed a drugs test.

Hearn has backed the decision by New York State’s Athletic Commission to decline Miller of his license, expressing his concerns over the well being of boxers.

"Say that you put a fighter in a fight, it might've been Anthony Joshua and you get there and eight or nine rounds in this guy is still going and AJ gets knocked out and gets hurt," Hearn told iFL TV.

"His career could be over. That's happened in a fight where a guy has been taking illegal substances to get an edge.

"Even telling you that now makes me feel sick."

The news means that AJ and his team will have to find him a new opponent for the fight set to take place in six weeks' time.

However, Hearn and Sky Sports' boxing chief Adam Smith believe time shouldn't be an issue in the search for another fighter.

"With six weeks to go, it gives us time to find a replacement," Smith said.

Hearn responded: "If it was two weeks we would be f****d.

"There are lots of heavyweights that are training, they don't have to make weight. We started reaching out to heavyweights Tuesday so it was just under 7 weeks, it's a lot of time. Some people use the time as an excuse."

Hearn also provided his thoughts on Miller and whether he will work with him again.

Anthony Joshua v Jarrell Miller - Press Conference

"He's gonna have to go through the process take his licks, take his ban and then we will see what happens," Hearn continued. "But right now that's the furthest thing out my mind and it's just who are we fighting on June 1st?"

Dillian Whyte has been ruled out of fighting AJ, a bout that would have been popular among fans of the heavyweight scene.

Hearn added: "Dillian is boxing in July, there will be an announcement very soon on that. He ain't fighting June the 1st.

"I would like an American or someone who has boxed in America, has profile in America etc."

Despite everything, Hearn is confident that we will no sooner rather than later who Miller's replacement will be.

"100%, by the end of next week there will be an announcement."

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