Deontay Wilder hasn't held back in brutal rant at Jarrell Miller

Deontay Wilder Media Workout

Deontay Wilder has destroyed Jarrell Miller in an impassioned rant following his shocking failed drugs test.

Miller was due to fight Anthony Joshua for his title’s on June 1, but, due to a failed drugs test, was refused a license to fight.

Wilder hasn’t pulled any punches in his reaction, saying: “I’m disappointed because he let his family down, he let his kids down.

“He let a life changing opportunity slip through his hands and that’s what I’m mostly disappointed in, because of the family.

“He talked about how he came up and living with roaches and having to add water to milk, just like a lot of our culture who have to go through the same thing.

“But when you get this opportunity, you hold this opportunity dear, the things that you know are going to get you in trouble, you don’t do it!”.

The New Yorker was set to earn a career-high fight purse of £4.6 million ($6 million) for stepping in the ring with Joshua, but looks to have lost it all.

Wilder went on to say: “This man, with the opportunity he had to make the money he was going to make, I wouldn’t have been taking nothing. I’d have just been drinking mother f**king water.

“Win, lose or draw he was going to get this money and it was life changing money, no-one was expecting him to beat Joshua anyway.”

Anthony Joshua v Jarrell Miller - Press Conference

Wilder, clearly furious at Miller’s carelessness, was then asked if he’d give him another chance, but his response was conclusive.

He launched a personal attack on Miller, saying: “Hell no. I don’t know what is going to happen to him.

“He is not a likeable guy in boxing anyway. The people in boxing, the business side of boxing, don’t like Jarrell Miller because of how he carries himself, the things he says. A lot of people are happy this happened to him.”

With Miller saying he’s going to appeal the decision, we’re not sure what’s in store for him either, but we do know Wilder is one of the last people we would want to make this angry.

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