Boxing fan tweets in defence of Anthony Joshua about drug allegations and drug tests

The social media platform Twitter is a wonderful place that allows for many professional athletes, famous people, coaches and pundits to all express their opinion on whatever is going on in sports.

However, even just for the standard layperson, even their opinions and posts can quickly go viral.

Dan25021997 from Twitter has taken the time to defend British boxing superstar Anthony Joshua, who seems to always be in the media’s eye for cheating and doping allegations, and what he’s said has garnered a lot of interest.

Joshua, who was set to face Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller on June 1 at Madison Square Garden, now may have to search for another opponent after the recent drug test that saw Miller test positive for banned substance GW1516.

With failed drug tests in professional boxing becoming somewhat of a normality year by year, the allegations towards Joshua come as no surprise as some of the other biggest names in the sport have spearheaded the accusations.

British-Jamaican boxer Dillian Whyte, Tyson Fury and Miller himself have all expressed to the media that they believe AJ is cheating in the sport in some way.

Joshua, who boasts an impressive 22-0 record (21 KO), has been a target for the media since his rise to prominence in the sport.

The tweet sent out by this die hard boxing fan discredits Whyte, Fury and Miller, who have all led allegations towards Joshua, while also simply stating what Joshua has done in comparison to them to show his honesty in the sport.

See the tweet below.

With this tweet, this random fan has completely laid into the hypocritical Whyte, Fury and Miller, who just failed a drug test this week and has left their bout in danger.

This random Twitter fan has pointed out the irony in professional boxers who choose to accuse others of cheating, but then go on to cheat themselves or have in the past, with Fury’s lengthy absence still fresh in the minds of many boxing fans today.

With this tweet gaining popularity, maybe it will generate some respose from the boxers themselves and create quite the treat over social media and at press conferences.

For now, it remains to be seen who Anthony Joshua will be facing off against in Madison Square Garden when June 1 rolls around.

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