Ole Gunnar Solskjaer feels certain Manchester United players are in need of 'reality check'

Solskjaer during Barcelona's victory over Manchester United.

It all started brightly for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - very brightly, in fact.

The ex-Manchester United forward led his side to eight successive wins after taking over from the unpopular Jose Mourinho.

But things have taken a bit of a turn and the team have now lost six of their last eight games.

There's clearly a lot to credit Solskjaer for since taking over - his eight-game winning start that stretched to 11 unbeaten games and the comeback against Paris Saint-Germain, for instance.

He signed a three-year permanent deal in March, although the doubts have grown since.

United travel to Goodison Park to face Everton this weekend on the back of four consecutive away defeats.

The poor form certainly hasn't undone such a good start, though, and Solskjaer believes the ups and downs have taught him a lot about his squad.

And one thing he's learned is that some players are in need of a 'reality check'.

"I've learnt a lot about them over the months I've been here now and you get to know them," he said, per the Manchester Evening News. "Most of them - I have to say - have really impressed in their attitude and there's some that need to get a reality check of where they're at.

Solskjaer took over at United just before Christmas.

"But most of these know that they can improve if they keep working as they do."

There are likely a few players that United fans could pick out as needing that check. One of those Solskjaer personally spoke of is Anthony Martial, though.

The Frenchman has managed just one goal since the PSG defeat, despite a period earlier in the season where he looked on the cusp of something special.

"I've spoken to individuals and they know and Anthony is one I've spoken to," said Solskjaer. "I've spoken to them all individually, what we expect from them.

Anthony Martial hasn't been in his best form as of late.

"Anthony's got a massive talent, he signed a new contract, he knows we believe in him, so just keep on working."

He's certainly not being harsh on Martial there, just encouraging him, but we all know there's more to come from him.

But that's the same for a lot of players, as Solskjaer says. And it's now his job to make that happen.

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