WWE teases five big WrestleMania 36 matches


WrestleMania 35 has only just been added to the history books, but WWE is already looking ahead to WrestleMania 36 next year.

WrestleMania 36 will take place in Tampa Bay, Florida in 2020, and it's expected to be just as good, if not better than The Showcase of Immortals which took place just a couple of weeks ago.

Despite it still being over a year away, WWE has already begun teasing what could happen at the event, discussing five matches which could take place.

The five matches which WWE teased in their video are The Rock vs Roman Reigns, John Cena vs Velveteen Dream, Brock Lesnar vs Matt Riddle, Four Horsewomen of WWE vs Four Horsewomen of MMA, and a Universal Championship match for Finn Balor.

All five of these matches would be awesome to see at WrestleMania 36 next year, but let's break each one down to see how realistic it could be.

First off, The Rock vs Reigns is a match WWE has been looking to make ever since The Great One appeared to help The Big Dog during his Royal Rumble win in 2016. 

The only real hurdle that's been in the way from making this match a reality in the past is The Rock's filming schedule, as this usually clashes with WrestleMania and has done for the past couple of years.


As mentioned in the video, the 16-time world champion has admired The Dream's work in NXT and has said in the past that he would love to have a match against him. Like The Rock though, his movie schedule can limit his WWE appearances.

The Dream is expected to be called up to the main roster at some point within the next year, and since Cena seems to only appear at WrestleMania these days, there's every chance the two could have a match, or at least a confrontation at Mania next year.


Brock Lesnar is expected to take a hiatus from WWE in order to step into the Octagon again to take on Daniel Cormier for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. Like Lesnar, Matt Riddle also has an MMA background but is now performing in NXT on a regular basis.

Out of all five matches, this match is the least likely to happen, as The Beast may use his leverage to get a bigger match than Riddle at WrestleMania. Then again, never say never when it comes to WWE.


The Four Horsewomen of WWE (Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Bayley) vs Four Horsewomen of MMA (Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir, Shayna Baszler) has been teased ever since Ronda Rousey made her first WWE appearance at WrestleMania 31.

It was pushed further at the first-ever Mae Young Classic with a promo between Rousey, Duke,  Shafir, Flair, Lynch, and Bayley, but it hasn't been touched on much since. This match could take place at WrestleMania 36 next year, but it also feels like a match suited for Survivor Series.


The final match teased is a Universal title match for Finn Balor. Balor won the Universal title at SummerSlam 2016, but had to relinquish the title the following night due to injury.

Since he never lost the title in a match, WWE wants to see The Demon King have another chance to capture the Universal title at WrestleMania 36 and potential have a long title reign afterward.

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