Seth Rollins believes The Shield will reunite again in the future


The Shield will have their final match this weekend for at least a while, as Dean Ambrose will be leaving the WWE shortly afterward upon the expiration of his contract. 

The Hounds of Justice's final WWE match, dubbed The Shield's Final Chapter, will be broadcasted on Sunday on the WWE Network. They will face Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, and Bobby Lashley.

While this will be The Shield's final match, many WWE fans will hope that Ambrose will return to the WWE again in the future and that The Shield can reunite.

Speaking to The Dispatch-Argus, via Wrestlezone, Seth Rollins revealed that he thought The Shield would always be together. However, he's also grateful that he will be able to have the final Shield match in front of his friends and family.

He said: "It just kind of just worked out, in an unfortunate way, obviously not something we ever wanted to say the final chapter. I always believed The Shield would live forever. Now we have this last weekend and it just happens to end up in Moline. It’s very poetic.

“It will be a cool experience to do in front of friends and family."


Rollins also added on Twitter that he hopes The Hounds of Justice match this weekend won't be the final time the iconic trio are seen battling together in a WWE ring.

Rollins tweeted: "I’m pretty stoked about this weekend. Taking the black one more time with my boys...and in my own backyard. We’ve had a lot of “lasts” lately, I know, but I promise this really is the end for a while. #WWEStLouis #WWESpringfield #WWEMoline #ShieldsFinalChapter"

The Shield has already gone down not only the biggest stable of the past decade but also as one of the most iconic factions in WWE history.

When we will see The Hounds of Justice together again after this Sunday remains unclear, but fans will be hoping that this isn't the last time the trio are seen together in the ring.

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