Goldust's WWE departure is confirmed after debut AEW match v Cody Rhodes is revealed

Cody and Dustin Rhodes will go one-on-one at AEW Double Or Nothing

Last month it was reported that iconic WWE character Goldust would be departing the WWE when his contract expired.

Real name Dustin Runnels and the son of Dusty Rhodes, Goldust made his first appearance with the company in 1995 as a quite simply eccentric character for that time-frame.

Despite his six separate spells in WWE under the moniker, he's also performed in WCW and TNA under his real name and the 'Dustin Rhodes' name.

Almost immediately after news broke of his contract expiring last month, Runnels vehemently denied that he was leaving the company.

"I am still under contract with the @wwe, and everything that is being said online is just talk, and complete bull***t," tweeted Runnels.

"This is exactly why I hate smart marks!"

Goldust hasn't been in a WWE ring since last April, where he competed in the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.

With a new breed of young superstar coming through though, the writing has been on the wall for a few superstars, and Goldust's WWE departure was confirmed last night - but not by the company.

It was in-fact All Elite Wrestling who essentially announced that Runnels had switched from the WWE to AEW in the latest video of their series where they're building up to their first big event - Double Or Nothing.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes were once a tag team in WWE - now the brothers will go one-on-one in AEW

There it was announced that Dustin Rhodes would don his face-paint - this time the red and black - to go one-on-one with Cody for the first time ever.

Of course the two have faced each other in a Goldust v Stardust match in WWE, but that doesn't count, right?

With Cody just off the back of a knee surgery a few months ago and Dustin undergoing various operations in the last few years, the match will not be a five-star classic but there's a huge story behind it, and sometimes that makes all the difference.

It may just be a one-and-done match for Dustin too, and if it is, at least it will be one that he can hold close to his heart.

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