CM Punk hits a GTS at independent wrestling event disguised under a mask

CM Punk

CM Punk is a man who has not been very active as of late in terms of sporting action.

It's safe to say his leap into the world of Mixed Martial Arts didn't go as he intended, with two losses in two fights to Mickey Gall and Mike Jackson, the latter coming in his hometown of Chicago.

That was last June and following the loss, UFC president Dana White stated that he didn't think Punk would compete for the promotion again.

Ever since his departure from WWE in 2014, his fans have been clamouring for him to return to the ring, but that's really never likely to happen, especially under Vince McMahon.

There's always the possibility that he could do a few things with All Elite Wrestling but the general consensus is that Punk is perfectly happy with his life away from the squared circle.

Last night at an independent show in Wisconsin though, Punk seemingly made a surprise return to the ring.

At an MKE Wrestling show, run by former Ring Of Honor superstar Silas Young, a masked figure interfered in a match to help Ace Steel win his match, hitting a familiar-looking GTS in the process.

The GTS being the signature move of one CM Punk, and Ace Steel being one of the men who trained Punk to be a wrestler - it all adds up.

A huge giveaway also was the fact a local amateur wrestler posted a picture with Punk on Instagram the very same evening at a high school just around the block from where MKE Wrestling hosted their show.

Wearing the exact same clothes as the masked man, it's quite obvious that the mystery interferer is the former WWE Champion.

A Reddit thread also confirms that Punk was there, and it's all created quite a buzz.

Don't expect him to make a return to the business full-time, but mini appearances like this can only be good for the independent wrestling scene.

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