Back in 1998, FourFourTwo magazine predicted how David Beckham would look in 2020

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With the possible exception of Pele - and perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi - there’s never been a footballer more famous than David Beckham.

The former Manchester United and England superstar is known by football fans and non-football fans alike all over the globe.

There are various reasons for this - but it’s fair to assume that he wouldn’t be the global icon he is today if it wasn’t for his looks.

Beckham, whose level of fame rose significantly in the mid-1990s after he started dating - and then married - Posh Spice, is still widely regarded as one of the most handsome men on the planet.

Despite the fact he turns 44 next month, Beckham remains an advertiser’s dream. Every huge company still wants to be associated with the retired footballer, who rarely puts a foot out of line when it comes to PR.

It’s easy to forget that Beckham was public enemy number one in England back in 1998 following his red card against Argentina at the World Cup in France.

The backlash against Beckham, who was just 23 at the time, from certain tabloid newspapers was a genuine disgrace.

That he managed to come through that traumatic experience and win back the support of everybody within the space of a couple of years is testament to the man’s character.

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That same year, FourFourTwo magazine published an image of what they thought Beckham might look like in 2020 - and it’s hilarious.

The mocked-up photograph shows Beckham was a terrible haircut, a monobrow and teeth missing.

Check it out…

“Things went distinctly pear-shaped for the Man United starlet after his club missed out on the 1998 championship and he lost his entire personal fortune in the Brylcreem crash of 2005,” FourFourTwo predicted.

“Now well into his forties, he is reduced to appearing for England veterans’ teams alongside his fellow Fergie fledglings and reminiscing wistfully about his glory days.

“Posh Spice, who has ballooned to 20st since her singing career collapsed, now models clothes for ‘the larger lady’.”

While clearly tongue-in-cheek, it does make for rather amusing reading over 20 years later.

Here's what Posh and Becks look like in 2019...

Los Angeles Galaxy Unveil David Beckham Statue

Perhaps the next 12 months are going to be particularly tough for Becks.

Just as funny is their prediction of how former Liverpool winger Steve McManaman would look in 2020.

Close, lads…