Johnny Nelson slams Jarrell Miller after he repeatedly accused Anthony Joshua of 'being on gear'


Johnny Nelson has branded Jarrell Miller a hypocrite after he repeatedly accused Anthony Joshua of ‘being on gear’ prior to failing his own drug tests.

Miller made the shocking accusations during the filming of ‘The Gloves are Off’, which now won’t be aired following the fight’s cancellation.

The pair were due to fight for Joshua’s heavyweight titles at Madison Square Garden in New York June 1, before ‘Big Baby’ reportedly failed up to three drug tests and was refused a license to fight.

Nelson, who hosts 'The Gloves are Off', revealed the American made a point of claiming it was AJ who had been taking illegal substances.

“When we did the filming for the gloves are off, which obviously won’t be aired now, that’s all he kept banging on about to AJ, saying you’re on gear, I’m thinking how hypocritical," he told iFL TV.

“I saw something that (Deontay) Wilder said, those who shout the loudest are usually the weakest, and he (Miller) was banging on about it constantly when we were doing ‘The Gloves Are Off’.

“It’s foolish, he’s messed himself up."

Despite Miller’s hypocrisy, Nelson does think there should be a chance of redemption for the American.

When asked what should happen to Miller, he added: “There’s fighters in the past that have done this and gotten away with this. There are fighters in the past that by default or by mistake have had some in their system and been busted.

“This guy has said 'look I messed up' you know, he’s gonna be punished and he’s lost a great opportunity so let him deal with that.

Anthony Joshua v Jarrell Miller - Press Conference

“You can’t do that though (ban him from the sport), there are household names that have failed drug tests so that has set a precedent now.”

Whatever happens next for Miller, this hypocrisy coming to light won’t do him any favours for his already tarnished reputation.

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