Kelly Cates got her revenge on Carragher & Neville for walking away from her on live TV

Cates, Carragher & Neville on the Friday Night Football

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville left fans feeling rather baffled at the start of the month after Liverpool's 3-1 win away at Southampton on the Friday Night Football.

Presenter Kelly Cates asked the pair on the pitch towards the end of the show: "How significant was that last win [for Liverpool]?"

Neville then responded by saying: "It was a huge win." However, the former Manchester United man was actually walking away when answering the question.

He then turned to Carragher and said: "Do you think they're now safe? Five points clear of relegation with a game in hand. They're obviously in good form as well."

The whole time, Cates could be seen standing in the background and it was quite a bizarre incident.

Was it intentional rudeness from the pair? Well, perhaps not, because a rather light-hearted response from Cates has done the rounds on social media this morning.

The Sky Sports presenter uploaded a short video of her 'revenge' on her official Twitter account, with Neville and Carragher then both responding.



Neville asks Cates: "When is the [Manchester] derby?"

The presenter then turns around with a huge smile on her face, walks away from the pair and reminds viewers that the big game is Wednesday evening.

Well played, Kelly.

Carragher, Neville & Cates

It's nice to see that the trio have dealt with it in such a light-hearted manner.

After the initial incident, Cates did take to Twitter to try and explain what had happened live on air.

She wrote: "They were going to interview Hasenhuttl in the tunnel! Would have looked weird if they didn’t have anything to say I the way there 😁."

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