Water polo coach does 'Khabib jump' on player which sparks underwater brawl


A Russian water polo game has ended in complete chaos after one coach launched a shocking 'Khabib-jump' on a rival player – sparking an underwater brawl in the process.

The coach allegedly swore at one of the swimmers, who then decided to launch the ball at him, triggering an angry response from the side of the pool.

The Russian coach then jumped in both feet first, hitting the swimmer directly on top of the head.

What followed was an underwater skirmish between players of both sides.

Because of this brawl, the game then had to be stopped.

The brawl itself was clearly sparked by the coach's actions, which were scarily similar to those of Khabib Nurmagomedov from UFC.

Nurmagomedov performed the jump himself in the aftermath of the fight against Conor McGregor last October. Like the water polo game, that fight ended in a brawl between the teams.

Before that brawl happened, McGregor had tapped out in the fourth round, and afterwards, both camps clashed in and out of the Octagon.

Nurmagomedov managed to retain his UFC lightweight title, but then jumped out of the cage into the crowd, performing the jump that would, months later, inspire the water polo coach. Khabib hit McGregor’s teammate and cornerman Dillon Danis, and after that incident, three of the Russian’s teammates were arrested.

The exact reason behind Khabib’s jump is unknown, but UFC pundit Joe Rogan believes that Danis was provoking Khabib.

“We couldn’t hear what he said but Dillon absolutely was insulting Khabib and that’s when he jumped over the fence and attacked him.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when it was happening. When he went over the top and into the crowd. I couldn’t believe it.”

It is not known what the swimmer told the water polo coach in this incident, despite looking like they were insulting each other. The swimmer threw the ball which missed the coach, hitting a female official instead.

Despite that, the coach still decided to do like Khabib and performed the jump.

Both events, Khabib’s fight against Conor McGregor and the water polo game, ended the same way - with both teams brawling.

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