Max Verstappen shares wishes for future of Formula 1

F1 Grand Prix of China - Qualifying

Despite the 2019 Formula 1 season being just three races old, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is already looking forward to the 2021 campaign.

2021 promises to mark the beginning of a new era – and the end of an old one – in the sport as the current Concorde Agreement is then due to expire, with big changes to Formula 1 expected.

And Verstappen has alluded to the issues that he wants the authorities to resolve as they look to improve racing conditions.

Talking during a public appearance at the HQ of Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo, he started by taking aim at Pirelli's tires.

“At the moment they are very sensitive and quickly overheat,” said Verstappen, per Planet F1.

“Then you will slide more and it is hard to follow others. So it is hard to fight during a race. DRS helps to get closer, but in the end I do not want to depend on that.

“Also after a quick lap you have to slow down to be able to do another one, because the tyres have to cool down and that takes way to long. It is the same during the race.

“You have to stay in a certain limit, otherwise the tyres overheat. I would like to drive a lot faster.”

F1 Grand Prix of China

One of problems that Formula 1 has faced in recent years is the lack of competitiveness. A bigger engine means a much larger chance of victory, despite a better driver in the slower-performing car.

As such, the Dutchman believes that this is something that needs to be rectified in the coming years.

“We also should be less dependent on the engines,” he added.

“At the moment there is too much of a difference between the engines. In the last couple of years the championship was mostly won by the team with the best engine.

“Generally you should keep that difference between the 20 or 30 horsepower.

“Regarding the aerodynamics, it does not have to go as fast for me. As long as we can race each other better.

F1 Grand Prix of China

In the end, this would all provide a tighter world title race, as Verstappen explains.

“Finally, the difference between the teams are too big,” Verstappen concluded.

“You have the three top teams: Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. But the difference from the third to the fourth team is almost a second, the is a big difference.

“I think the races would be much prettier if we could bring that all a bit close together.”

Verstappen and the rest of the Formula 1 competitors will next be on the grid this weekend in Baku, Azerbaijan. The youngster is currently in third place in the Championship, behind Mercedes duo Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

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