Kevin Owens' alliance with The New Day lasts just one week as he attacks Kofi Kingston on SmackDown

Kevin Owens attacks Kofi Kingston on SmackDown Live

Kevin Owens' renaissance as a smiling family man was never going to last long, was it?

Something just didn't feel right to many when vignettes aired close to his return doing normal everyday activities with his family, posing as a good guy.

To be fair, they had to do something to make him look like a babyface considering they did a double turn with Bobby Lashley before he left to have surgery, but it was something no WWE fan was used to seeing from him.

Even stranger last week was his willingness to link-up with New Day members Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods whilst Big E sat on the sidelines following a torn meniscus.

It was slightly strange to watch Owens gyrating and singing along with the stable's catchphrases, with the WWE Universe simply wondering how long it was going to be before he turned on his new mates.

But it was expected that WWE would hold out for longer than just a mere week.

As WWE Champion Kingston was about to defeat Shinsuke Nakamura in the main event of SmackDown Live last night, a suited-up Rusev jumped Kofi as he was about to win the bout.

That brought both Woods and Owens in as retaliation, with Woods going over the top rope to clean out Rusev with a senton, before being hit with a strong-style Kinshasa from Nakamura.

Kevin Owens made his feelings clear towards Kofi Kingston on SmackDown

And with Woods temporarily out of it, that gave Owens the chance to exact some punishment on his new target - Kingston.

KO brutalised Kingston, throwing him into several objects before Woods recovered to put up a spirited fightback - receiving a Powerbomb to the ring apron for his troubles.

Kingston may very-well have just found his first challenger for that newly-acquired title round his waist.

Good-guy Owens was nice whilst it lasted, but we all know his best work comes as an angry, vengeful heel and when we know what his motives are next week on SmackDown, we should get a fantastic spectacle at Money In The Bank.

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