Roy Keane was fuming on Sky Sports after Gary Neville defended Man Utd players v Man City


Sky Sports’ decision to bring Roy Keane into the studio for Wednesday night’s Manchester derby was a masterstroke.

The outspoken former Man United captain held nothing back during the four hours he was on air.

He began the evening by blasting Paul Pogba prior to kick-off, saying: “I wouldn’t believe a word he says” after watching the Frenchman’s interview following Sunday’s 4-0 defeat away at Everton.

Keane also said that the current group of players will throw Ole Gunnar Solskjaer under the bus, like they did to Jose Mourinho.

Needless to say, the fiery Irishman was disappointed with United’s performance against Pep Guardiola’s side.

The Red Devils suffered a 2-0 defeat, with David de Gea arguably at fault for the goals scored by Bernardo Silva and Leroy Sane.

Back in the Sky Sports studio, Gary Neville - who replaced Keane as United captain in November 2005 - attempted to defend Solskjaer’s men, claiming they couldn’t have given more over the course of the 90 minutes.

But this went down like a led balloon with Keane, who couldn’t believe what was coming out of his former teammate’s mouth.

"I think that is as good as United have got,” Neville insisted. “I don't think I looked at any player on that pitch and thought they could have given more - that’s what they are.”

Keane replied: “You didn’t see Fred for the second goal then. That’s not giving it your all - that’s cheating. What he’s done is cheating, letting the guy run off him.”


Neville then reiterated his point that we shouldn’t be surprised when we’ve seen similar incidents all season from United’s £52 million summer signing.

However, Keane was left rolling his eyes at Neville when Sky Sports’ lead pundit added: “There’s nothing I’ve seen tonight from United that makes me think they could have given more. Yeah, they could have not made as many mistakes but that’s the best they’ve got, I think.”

Did you catch that eye-roll at the end?

Let’s watch it again…

Bet that happened most weeks in the Old Trafford home dressing room when they were playing together.

Keane was left rolling his eyes at Neville again shortly afterwards when the retired full-back defended United’s players for the Sane goal.

“By this time I think they’d just been run into the ground,” Neville added.

“Oh, Gary!” Keane fired back. “It’s two yards man. I guarantee if you’d done the same, you think we wouldn’t tell you off? Of course we would!”

Fortunately for Neville, the show ended at 11pm.

Any longer and there’s a good chance Keane would have snapped, he was getting that agitated.

Tony Barrett, Liverpool's head of club and supporter liaison, summed it up perfectly by tweeting: 'Roy Keane’s treated Gary Neville like Alf-Inge Haaland tonight. Absolutely brutal.'

Keane might not be everybody’s cup of tea - but he’s certainly Box Office.

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