Jarrell Miller may avoid ban thanks to bizarre American loophole


Jarrell Miller ruined his big chance of fighting Anthony Joshua when he failed three drugs tests in the build-up to their planned fight on June 1 at Madison Square Garden.

However, it appears that the American boxer may get off without any fixed punishment at all, thanks to a bizarre loophole in the United States boxing system.

Eddie Hearn, Joshua's promoter, explained the rule during an interview with Fight Hub.

“The situation is, he doesn’t have a licence with the New York State Athletic Commission because it’s expired.

“So they can’t punish him. They can only refuse his licence. So he can go to any other commission and apply for a licence.”

Once the news of the first offence had emerged, the New York State Athletic Commission refused to licence Miller for his fight in the State.

This means that his New York licence has expired, leaving him with no current affiliation to any State boxing authority in the country.

In the UK, there is one central boxing commission which all of the country's boxers are subject to. However, the American system functions on a State-by-State basis. As he is unlicenced, he does not currently have to face any of the charges against him.

Miller will surely be aware of the loophole, and it should be a situation that pleases him.

However, when he applies for a new licence in New York or indeed any U.S state, Miller will most likely be handed a ban of some sort before being allowed to box again, though this does not stop him from going to each state to see which will let him off with the most lenient sanction.

Anthony Joshua v Jarrell Miller - Press Conference

The WBA, IBF and WBO will also be able to stop him boxing for any of their titles, but they do not have the jurisdiction to stop him fighting all together.

As of right now, it seems unlikely that Miller will be back in the ring any time soon. Anthony Joshua, however, is still looking for a replacement to face him in June, in what will be his maiden fight stateside.

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