Video shows 10 underrated Lionel Messi records with Barcelona and Argentina

  • Kobe Tong

We’ve lost count of all the records Lionel Messi has set throughout his career.

The Barcelona superstar has established his status as one of the greatest footballers and sportspeople of all time, scoring over 600 goals and winning five Ballon d’Or titles.

As a result, it seems not a week goes by without Messi breaking some form of record, collecting another accolade and adding another sentence to his page in the history books.

This season has been no different with Messi proving that – despite entering his thirties – he is still one of the best in business and has emerged as the early Ballon d’Or favourite.

Perhaps the only thing that has held Messi back is his constant competition with Cristiano Ronaldo, although the rivalry may equally have fuelled his desire for improvement.

Messi’s incredible achievements

At the end of the day, though, the Argentine could hang up his boots today and he will still have achieved enough in the sport to be discussed for decades to come.

Some of his records are incredibly well known, of course – the fact he is the top-scorer in Barcelona and Argentina history won’t come as news to football fans.

However, some of his achievements are a little more obscure and even though they might fall short of the headlines, they would be treasured by the majority of players.

Obscure Messi records

In other words, Messi has achieved so much in football that some of his most impressive records aren’t as publicised as they should be.

Well, a recent compilation – originally created by MagicalMessi – has sought to change that and it’s appropriately titled: ’10 Records Nobody Talks About – Lionel Messi.’

The video – followed by the full list of records – can be seen here:

The ten records featured

1. Most La Liga goals as a substitute in the 21st Century

2. Most consecutive La Liga goals from outside the box

3. Only player to score a World Cup goal in his teens, twenties and thirties

4. Most assists in World Cup history

5. More free-kick goals than any club in the last four seasons

6. Only player to score and assist in every competition in one season

7. Only player to win a ‘best player’ award at every international tournament

8. Most hat-tricks in Champions League history

9. Most goals as a substitute in a Copa America game

10. Acted in the best advert of the last decade

Perhaps what makes the list of achievements the most interesting is the fact four of the records came with Argentina, despite Messi being so often criticised for his international displays.

Barring the rather jovial selection of the final ‘record’, it’s pretty incredible that Messi has amassed these accolades without ever really being credited for them. 

Maybe it’s some kind of curse that Messi breaks so many records that some of his most interesting aren’t actually picked up on.

That’s not to mention the fact, with at least five more years in the beautiful game, there’s still plenty of records left for him to break.

Do you think Messi is the greatest player in history? Have your say in the comments section below.

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