Luis Suarez has vowed to celebrate if he scores against Liverpool in the Champions League

Luis Suarez will celebrate if he cores against Liverpool

Liverpool's Champions League tie against Barcelona will see two old faces to return to play against their former club.

Philippe Coutinho only left Liverpool to join Barcelona last January.

He left the club on bad terms as he forced through a move to the Calatan giants.

It is very likely he will get a bad reception on his return but one man that certainly won't is Luis Suarez.

The Uruguayan striker was a brilliant servant to Liverpool during his time at the club.

He scored 82 goals in 132 appearances as he established himself as one of the best players for the club during the Premier League era.

His last season in England, where he scored 31 goals and won the PFA Player of the Year award, was nearly enough as Liverpool came ever so close to winning their first Premier League title.

Suarez then left for Barcelona the following summer and has impressed since joining.

The 32-year-old has now spoken to the media about Barcelona's upcoming Champions League semi-final tie against Liverpool.

Despite proclaiming his respect for the club, Suarez has insisted he will celebrate should he score.

Luis Suarez was brilliant for Liverpool

"In the build up to the game it's nice to talk about how massively grateful I am to Liverpool for all they gave me but, you know me, once I'm on the pitch there will be no friendships, no companions, no thought for all the lovely moments," he told the Daily Mail.

"I'll defend the colours of Barcelona with all the pride in the world."

Interesting. Most players refuse to celebrate against their former clubs out of respect.

But Suarez has no issues celebrating against Liverpool and potentially winding up some of the fan's that used to love him in the process.

Luis Suarez will play against Liverpool in a competitive match for the first time since leaving

Suarez also claimed he was grateful for the opportunity to play for Liverpool.

"I've been lucky to take great memories from all the clubs I have played for," he said.

"Playing for my home club Nacional in Uruguay got me a move to Europe. I developed a lot as a player at Ajax and that helped me take the next step into the elite, which was playing for Liverpool.

"And at Liverpool I was able to consolidate as a player on the world stage. Liverpool made me realise that I could keep improving as a player, keep growing, and I'm grateful for all that and for what I shared with my children there too."

Liverpool fans: Should Suarez celebrate if he scores in their Champions League tie? Have your say by leaving a comment below.

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