Reddit user proposes new ideas to change Formula One


Despite its huge popularity, Formula 1 has been increasingly criticised in recent years for becoming more and more predictable.

In the last 19 seasons, we have seen just seven different overall winners, and in this decade, there have been just three... with those titles being shared between just two constructors since 2010: Red Bull Racing and Mercedes.

There are continuing debates about potential ideas to revolutionise the sport and make it a more level playing field.

And one fan has come up with a couple of suggestions that would see big changes on the track.

Reddit user 'studduck' elaborated on his ideas in a thread on the famous social media platform, firstly explaining why the need for a mix-up is so important.

“To me, the underlying problem of 'boring' races is a problem that is fundamental to Formula 1,” he starts by saying.

“There are 10 teams with 20 cars and each team has a significant difference in performance. On any given track you have team A who's faster than team B who's faster than team C etc. A 'boring' race occurs when the following happens:

1. Team A
2. Team B
3. Team C
4. ...

1. Team A
2. Team B
3. Team C
4. ...

F1 Grand Prix of China

“The fundamental problem with formula 1 is that everyone in Formula 1 is too good at doing their job. Human error is rare and we tend to get these perfect results. The best drivers rarely make mistakes, the pit crews drill and drill, the strategist has simulations etc.”

He then moves on to the crux of the matters: the changes he would introduce.

First up, let the drivers talk.

"Get the FIA to add radio channels between all the cars. When the drivers get within two seconds of each other they can communicate.

"I think it'd be awesome to hear the banter between the drivers live during the race. Imagine Vettel and Verstappen going at it as they chase each other around the track.”


Then, secondly and finally, get rid of blue flags and get all the drivers to race.

“Firstly drop the blue flags. If the leaders want to pass the back makers then they have to do it.

"Secondly, we should let all the drivers get a point IF they finish the race and were not 1 lap down. This would incentivise the lower teams to battle and race the leaders. They could also give the driver a point for every car they lap. Again this would incentivise the leaders to pass the back makers.”

It is undeniable that these two options would give Formula 1 a very different outlook, but, so far, it appears the people of Reddit are not convinced.

One commenter 'Reeve14', did not hold back, replying, “I'm sorry and I mean this in the kindest way possible, but seriously those are some dumb ideas.

F1 Grand Prix of Azerbaijan - Practice

“Seriously they're professionals driving some of the most complicated cars in the world at 300kph+ with G forces up to 7g. They're not trolls playing forza public lobby. How would they communicate with each other?”

'JoDaVi97' was slightly more diplomatic, but certainly disagreed with 'studduck' in regards to his blue flags idea.

“You cannot remove blue flags, what would stop STR from slowing down race leaders to help RBR or other B-teams doing that? It would become a true mess and you'd get even more 'political' driving,” he said.

Whilst these ideas are unlikely to be added anytime soon, the future of Formula 1 is likely to see dramatic changes in the coming years in an attempt to end the domination by one or two outfits.

For now, though, fans will have to make do with what is currently on offer. As it stands, Lewis Hamilton leads the World Championship by two points from his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas.

The next round of the season kicks off with qualifying today in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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