Cody Rhodes vows to 'kill the Attitude Era' in new promo for AEW's Double Or Nothing

Cody Rhodes

We are less than a month away from seeing the debut of All Elite Wrestling, with Double Or Nothing being broadcast live in Las Vegas on May 25.

The card is absolutely stacked if it suits your preferences, with the star attraction to the casual fan surely the rematch between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho.

The pair had a five-star classic in Japan back in January 2018 and they will do battle once again, this time under the AEW banner.

Funded by the billions of Jacksonville Jaguars co-owner and lifelong wrestling fan Tony Khan, AEW could end up being a very real alternative to WWE, with a television deal soon to be announced.

Also on the Double Or Nothing card will see the newly-acquired Dustin Rhodes, better known as Goldust from his WWE days, face his brother, AEW's Executive Vice-President Cody Rhodes.

AEW released a video last week of Dustin donning red face paint, hinting that he was having 'one last ride' with his brother, but he may be in it for the long run despite now being the age of 50.

This week it was the turn of Cody to say his piece to hype up the contest - and he didn't disappoint.

Cody Rhodes, pictured with wife Brandi, will face his brother Dustin at Double Or Nothing next month

Cody told of how the match is more 'generation v generation' rather than 'brother v brother' or anything else, but then Cody turned his attentions to something different.

"I am not here to kill Dustin Rhodes. I’m here to kill the Attitude Era," proclaimed Cody.

My entire lot, my entire class of peers, has been compared to these gilded late 90s for over a decade and it’s an utter sham," Cody continued.

"Sure, you paved the roads for us, but gosh, you set the speed markers at 35 because you were terrified of any of us putting our f***ing foot down on the pedal."

Strong words indeed, and he was about to direct some comments at WWE legend Triple H, who called AEW a 'pissant company' during the Hall of Fame ceremony a few weeks ago.

Rhodes and The Young Bucks are all Executive Vice-Presidents of All Elite Wrestling

"You mean to tell me, some pissant bodybuilder, making every match a No-DQ, meandering around the crowd, throwing the jib camera at his opponent, compares with a Kenny [Omega] - [Kazuchika] Okada match?" Cody enquired.

"Or some bra and panties spectacular can match up with what the women did last September [at ALL IN]?

"Or even Dwayne [The Rock]. As electric as it was, rhyming, raising…was it really better than what [CM] Punk said sitting on that stage?"

So shots at Triple H, The Rock and basically the whole Era that re-defined WWE - Cody, you are a brave man.

The promo in full is here and you can read the transcript here - do you agree with his viewpoint? Let us know in the comments!

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