Shocking three-on-three MMA fight amazes fans in Philippines

Fans of MMA were this week treated to one of the more bizarre spectacles the sport has ever thrown up, after a near-unbelievable three-on-three grudge match took place in the Philippines. 

The fight, part of URCC 77 that took place in Manila over the weekend, saw Team China face off against Team Philippines.

Despite the six fighters facing off one-versus-one to begin with, the contest quickly descended into a melee of chaos, with fighters from both teams swinging seemingly at will against everyone and anyone who happened to be in their way. 

Whilst the mayhem may have been shocking, it was far from long-lived, with the referee calling a stop to proceedings a little under a minute after signalling the start.

The confusion was far from over at the conclusion however, with Team Philippines being crowned as victors by Powcast Sport’s Instagram – a decision which left many questioning whether there truly was rules to the contest.

Indeed, one MMA fan on Twitter tweeted his astonishment at the decision: “They have refs??? You telling me there’s rules???”

Others were less concerned with the intricacies of the bout however, and revelled in the lunacy of a spectacle which is near certain never to feature at the highest level of the sport.

“This might be the greatest thing I’ve seen” Another Twitter fan professed, with another tweeting that the event was ridiculous, but they loved it. 

Although many obviously enjoyed the bizarre one-off, others were left shocked and appalled at the decision to let such an event go ahead in the first place. 

“This may be even worse than bare-knuckle fighting” One fan asked, whilst others branded it shocking, dumb, and even embarrassing for the sport. 

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