The top 10 football manager rants of all-time

Kevin Keegan

Over the years we have seen many top footballers emerge in the media headlines for the wrong reasons. 

Whether it be a misdemeanor off the pitch or an unsportsmanlike action on it, players have to be supremely careful with their conduct due to their celebrity-like status.

This is also the case with managers. 

Despite being the man who should be setting an example for his players and fellow staff members, some who are at the helm prove that age is just a number and that frustration can get the best of even the most experienced.

From a journalist forgetting to put his mobile phone on mute to an issue with the sport's politics, various aspects of life in the limelight have really gotten under the skin of football coaches.

Here are nine of the most famous football rants:

Kevin Keegan - 'I will love it' 

To say that Keegan was rattled is an understatement.

It was the end of the 1995/96 season and Newcastle United had let an eight point lead slip to Manchester United leaving the Red Devils needing just a point against Middlesborough to clinch their third Premier League title.

Before the final set of fixtures were played, Keegan passionaly gave his opinion on Sir Alex Ferguson.

The former Liverpool player's rant on the United boss has become a rather famous one, bellowing through the mic 'I will love it if we beat them. Love it!', in an interview with Sky Sports.

A portrait of Kevin Keegan of Newcastle

Roy Keane- Telephone

Roy Keane was Ipswich Town boss at the time and his side were struggling with the Irishman still reasonably new in the role.

The last thing the former Manchester United midfielder needed was a journalist's phone to go off during a press conference, and this a man who is famous for having a short fuse.

"Whose phone is that? It's the second time it's gone off"

Keano scanned the room with beady eyes, until a brave reporter admitted it was his phone claiming he was going to 'let it ring out', the Ipswich manager's face spoke volumes as he replied bluntly 'that's good manners.'

It remains arguably the most memorable moment of Keane's tenure with the Tractor Boys.

Sir Bobby Robson Memorial Service

Rafa Benitez - Fergie facts

"I have to talk about facts."

Liverpool were top of the table in the 2008/09 season at the time of this famous press conference and once again it was Fergie who was the subject of a rant by Rafa Benitez.

From protection against improper conduct towards referees to the Scot's complaints about the domestic fixture list, it's safe to say Rafa went to town on Ferguson, in what ended up as a four and a half minute uninterrupted speech.

The Spaniard constantly reiterated that the points he was making were 'facts' and not his interpretation of events.

Man United eventually overcame Liverpool that season to claim the league title.

Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool - Premier League

Ian Holloway - Platini and Blatter

"I've had a word with FIFA, we are gonna move Christmas. Fantastic!"

It's no secret that Ian Holloway is an endearing character, and many of his quotes will be known as memorbale soundbites for years to come, and this one is no different.

During a press conference as manager of Blackpool, Holloway voiced his strong opinion on Sepp Blatter and FIFA's decision to move the World Cup to November in order to cater to the needs of the hosts, Qatar.

Holloway described Michel Platini as 'useless' at his job - and you can quote him on that - and finished by saying if FIFA can move the World Cup then he can tell his turkey's that Christmas has been moved.

Leicester City v Blackpool - npower Championship

Harry Redknapp - wheeler dealer

By far the shortest rant in this list and arguably the most comical.

It all seemed like nothing more than just your standard post-match interview, however the reporter struck a nerve when he said that Redknapp had 'made his name as a wheeler and dealer'.

The Tottenham boss - at the time - did not even try to hide his emotions and simply said that he wasn't a wheeler and dealer, signing off the brief interview with 'f*** off'.

Maybe not classy, but funny nonetheless.


Joe Kinnear - 52 swear word presser

It's hard to write a clean summary for this one, with Joe Kinnear spewing no less than 52 swear words in his opening press conference as Newcastle United interim manager.

The main topic of conversation between Kinnear and journalists at the presser, was that the Newcastle first team players were mysteriously given the day off on Kinnear's first official day in the job.

The interim boss proceeded to throw expletives around as if there were no tomorrow, calling the journalists 'c***s' numerous times and threatening to take anyone who misinterprets his words or actions to court.

Newcastle v Sunderland-Premier League

Nigel Pearson - Ostrich

Quite possibly the most bizarre response to a question on record.

Nigel Pearson - who was manager of Leicester City at the time - reacted to the question: 'What criticism of your Leicester players are you referring to?' by calling the journalist an 'Ostrich'.

"Have you been on holiday for the last six months?

"Is your head in the sand?"

Pearson couldn't believe the question was asked and went on to ridicule the unfortunate reporter, calling him 'stupid' before giving a sarcastic smirk and leaving the room.


Neil Warnock - Sheff Utd team talks

Neil Warnock was the one of the most hated managers in England for years and his team talk rants as Sheffield United boss underline exactly why.

"My missus could've played against him tonight!"

"It'll make me sick if I look at you, go on run a bath."

The likes of Phil Jagielka, Chris Morgan and Paddy Kenny had to withstand quite the hairdryer from the Sheffield-born manager, in what has now become a famous compilation video on YouTube.

It certainly opened the public's eyes as to how Warnock got his point across, and that was with a lot of swearing, a lot of passion and very little subtlety.

Fulham v Sheff Utd

Sir Alex Ferguson - Pardew rant

"Alan Pardew is the worst at surrounding referees."

It turned out to be Fergie's last season as a football manager, but if this press conference was anything to go by, the fire within was burning bright right until the end.

Pardew had criticised Ferguson for his treatment of referees - a common theme throughout the Scot's career - however the Magpies boss was not prepared for the put down he was about to receive.

Not only did Ferguson remind Pardew of the 'help' he gave him earlier on in his career, but even went as far as to say that Newcastle United were merely a 'wee club in the North East'.

There was only one Alex Ferguson, there's no doubt about that.

Newcastle United v Manchester United - Premier League

Gary Neville - Everton 4-0 Man United

"If you've got weeds in the garden you've got to get rid of them, but there is some japanese knotweed at that football club and it's attacking the foundations."

Quite a creative analogy by the Sky Sports pundit and it has turned out to be very accurate.

Man United ran an embarrassing four kilometres less than Everton at Goodison Park, and it triggered a plethora of issues to be vented by Neville.

The board, the players, previous managers, they all were mentioned in what was a heated, passionate argument about a football club Neville clearly loves dearly.

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