Seth Rollins gives his thoughts on WWE giving major pushes to Lesnar and Rousey

Considering that they’re practically household names, it’s no surprise that WWE went all-in on both Brock Lesnar upon his comeback over five years ago alongside Ronda Rousey during her one-year stint with the organisation.

The Beast made a massive impact during his first run in WWE before his exit, and the return following his UFC adventure triggered arguably one of the greatest runs in WWE history.


The highlights include being WWE and Universal Championship, as well as conquering The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXX.

For Rousey, her switch to WWE following back-to-back losses inside of the Octagon saw her quickly make a huge impact. She teamed up with Kurt Angle to defeat Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in her debut at WrestleMania 34.

One year later, she dropped the RAW Women’s Championship to The Man, Becky Lynch, who also left with the SmackDown Women’s title.

Fans always let their feelings be known when WWE continues to push somebody that’s either not a full-time superstar or has somewhat not paid their dues in the company yet, with Lesnar and Rousey being prime examples.

On the other hand, we have a workhorse like Seth Rollins who has carried Monday Night RAW for a while and is now reaping the rewards by holding the Universal Championship.


In a recent interview, The Beast Slayer admitted that it’s nice to have the championships on full-time superstars such as himself, Kofi Kingston and Lynch. Although, he’s hopeful that they’re one day mentioned on the same level as both Lesnar and Rousey.

According to NoDQ, he said: “It was a nice little thing to have Brock Lesnar run roughshod with the title for two years, and it was lovely to have Ronda Rousey come in and show her dominance for a year.

“But the nice thing about having champions who are on all the live events is that those events need people to come and see them. To have a reliable talent like myself, Becky Lynch or Kofi Kingston, who are going to be at all of those live events with their championships; that just adds something extra.

“From a fan’s perspective, if you’re buying a ticket and you get to see the champion, that’s always a great story to tell. When I was a kid and went to WWE events, it was all about seeing whoever was on top, whether that was Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels- they were always there with their title.

“It made for an incredible experience from a youngsters’ perspective.

“It’s a cool thing to see the crop of champions we have right now,” Rollins said.

He added: “Hopefully we can carve out our own legacies so that, someday, we’ll be mentioned on the same level as Brock Lesnar or a Ronda Rousey – that’s the goal.

“So it’s a good turn-around. WrestleMania was an incredible event all around, and it’s nice to see people who’re cut from my cloth getting what they deserve.” 

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