Cristiano Ronaldo: I don't walk onto a football pitch wanting to dribble anymore

Juventus v Torino FC - Serie A

It's undeniable that age has caught up with Cristiano Ronaldo in certain aspects of his game.

Once regarded as one of the fastest players in the world, the 34-year-old is no longer as quick over short and long distances.

Not being as fast has impacted Ronaldo's dribbling, because even though he knows every trick in the book, sprinting past opponents is harder than it was in his mid-20s.

Being older does have its perks, though. Ronaldo's intelligence has grown with age and now he makes the right runs at the right times to be in the right position.

And as we know, being in the right position results in more chances to score goals.

Ronaldo has had to change his approach towards games in recent years and the Portuguese admits he no longer walks onto the pitch wanting to dribble past everyone.

Back in the days of playing for Manchester United and Real Madrid, Ronaldo thrived on running at opponents and using his pace and skills to beat them.

But now it's about winning at all costs, which is the kind of mentality that's seen Ronaldo become one of the best and most decorated footballers in history.

Juventus v Torino FC - Serie A

"I see football as a mission: go to the field, win, make me better," Ronaldo told Spanish publication El Pais, per the Independent.

"Those moments when I went to the field thinking, 'I'm going to dribble," if I'm honest, I don't have those moments anymore.

"There is an additional pressure. People are always judging: 'It's over already. He's 33, 34 or 35 years old, I should leave him.' And you want to surprise people."

Ronaldo also claims it can become 'annoying' and 'tiring' to constantly feel like he needs to prove himself - even to his family.

"I will not deny that sometimes it annoys and tires me because it seems that every year you must prove that you are very good. It's hard," he added.

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"You have what you have to have that extra pressure of having to prove something to people, not just for you. Also to the people who are around you, [like] your family, your mother, your son.

"That makes you more active. You always have to train, but there comes a time when you say 'Look, let me...'."

As a five-time Ballon d'Or winner and Premier League, La Liga and Serie A champion, Ronaldo has nothing to prove.

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