Mark Henry feels Sami Zayn is currently the best promo in WWE today

Sami Zayn has continued where he left off before his unfortunate injury – berating the WWE Universe and not hiding his disdain for them at any given opportunity.

If anything, he’s currently in a one-sided feud against the fans rather than an actual WWE superstar.


Although, if WWE stuck with its original rumoured plan, then we might have been seeing the former NXT Champion taking on former Wyatt Family member, Luke Harper.

While he’s yet to dive into a feud, there’s no denying that Zayn is doing incredible work on the microphone.

The whole character made a big switch when he turned heel last year and he hasn’t looked back.

His mannerisms get under the skin of fans and he knows exactly what to say to continue being a lovable nuisance.

Obviously, his performances weren’t going to go unnoticed and that’s exactly what happened with Zayn as WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry has heaped praise on the Canadian superstar.


Speaking on Busted Open Radio, The World’s Strongest Man didn’t shy away from giving his opinion, stating that Zayn is the best promo in the business today.

According to Rajah, he said: “I listen to Sami’s banter, and the people are now sitting and listening like they’re in church. They’re not a wrestling audience, they’re an audience.

“And they’re listening to him, and they’re learning from him, and he is the best promo in wrestling today. There’s no one close.

“Sami is giving an opinion that is so polarising, that you have to sit there and listen, even if you disagree.”

He even went as far as comparing Zayn’s promos to Stone Cold Steve Austin during his time as a WWE superstar.

He added: “The things that he’s saying are hitting him, and you can tell who he is affecting…Sami is doing Steve Austin type promos.

“Steve Austin was going to the ring and not trying to make the crowd feel good. He’s going to get his point across, and you’re going to listen.”

That’s certainly high praise indeed.

If these comments are anything to go, Sami just needs to continue what he’s doing to continue building his character, as we all know he has the in-ring capabilities locked down.

What do you make of Mark Henry calling Sami Zayn the best promo in the business today and comparing them to Stone Cold Steve Austin? Have YOUR say in the comments section below.

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