Bray Wyatt claims he left a 'secret message' via eight consecutive promos in 2015

The live, candid reactions of Seth Rollins and Cesaro spoke volumes – it was what the rest of the WWE Universe was thinking.

It’s obvious, the Bray Wyatt character hasn’t had the same level of success we all thought it would when he first debuted.


Ditching Husky Harris and evolving into the Eater of Worlds was a stroke of genius, as he brought an equally creepy family with him to the main roster.

The potential was certainly there, but many fans point the beginning of his downfall to WrestleMania XXX, where he was defeated by John Cena.

Since then, the gimmick lost its appeal.

He’s gone back to the drawing board somewhat and took fans by surprise with the new Firefly Funhouse gimmick, a children’s TV host with a unique twist.

One thing is for certain, this could be the most fascinating and strangest incarnation of Wyatt we’ve seen to date unless WWE butchers the gimmick and storylines for him again.


He’s managed to draw plenty of interest so far, and now he’s sent WWE fans on a wild goose chase on Twitter following an intriguing tweet about his past promos.

Wyatt explained that back in 2015, he delivered eight promos where one sentence always stood out. That’s because that one sentence in each promo didn’t fit the context and when you combined all of the sentences, they contained a secret message.

He tweeted: “Fun game time!

“Bet you didn’t know that in 2015 I did 8 consecutive (backstage) promos where one sentence didn’t belong in each of them. But together they make up a secret message, no one ever found it.

“You guys never look hard enough. First one to get it wins a prize!”

As expected, fans have started to look through the archives to try and decipher what Wyatt had said and the message he tried to deliver – plenty of which make for brilliant reads on this Reddit thread.

Obviously, who knows whether there was actually anything planned back then.

It could either be really lucky that the sentences seemed to connect – whatever they may be.

Or, they could prove what everyone knows and solidify Wyatt’s genius; delivering secretive messages in entertaining and engaging promos without anybody batting an eyelid or thinking twice.

What do you make of Bray Wyatt’s claims that he left a secret message for WWE fans in eight of his promos dating back to 2015? Have YOUR say in the comments section below.

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