Triple H likes a tweet criticising Vince McMahon's methods of running WWE

Triple H

Vince McMahon dubbed himself a 'genius' on Monday Night Raw last night, but it's unlikely that many WWE fans are feeling the same way currently.

With viewership spiralling to record-low levels and lots of disillusionment with the current product, the blame lays firmly at the feet of McMahon for many folks.

McMahon's masterplan this week was to create a 'Wild Card Rule', where four superstars from each brand can appear on both Raw and SmackDown.

It feels like there are no big stars left in the WWE anymore, and with Roman Reigns being one of the superstars who can appear on both brands he is likely to be over-exposed once again. 

There is a significant section of the WWE Universe who want Triple H to take over the running of the company creatively after all the good work he has done with NXT.

It looks unlikely to happen though, even with the XFL making a re-introduction which will give Vince far less time on his hands.

However he is planning to juggle both jobs instead of handing the reins creatively to anyone else - which is bad news for the fans that think he doesn't know best anymore.

No-one really knows what The Game thinks of his father-in-law's decisions and erratic behaviour, which involves not finalising Raw scripts until minutes before the show kicks off.

Triple H was caught liking a tweet criticising Vince McMahon's creative handling of WWE

But an eagle-eyed WWE fan may have caught HHH red-handed after looking at his 'likes' section on his official Twitter page.

Screenshots clearly show Triple H 'like' a tweet that criticises McMahon's 'confusing and pointless storylines' as the reason for declining ratings, rather than the injuries excuse that was used in the quarterly report last month.

The tweet also stated that it 'wouldn't hurt' if WWE gave wrestlers insurance over injuries, a topic that was widely discussed in the media prior to WrestleMania 35 after John Oliver covered WWE stars being 'independent contractors'.

Even though he's unliked the tweet now, Triple H may have dug himself a very deep hole that he may need to talk his way out of.

There's a chance Vince may not even see what has happened, or maybe it was liked accidentally, but there's the chance that said tweet harboured HHH's true feelings towards the state of WWE.

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