Anthony Joshua admits he still would have been prepared to fight Jarrell Miller on drugs

Anthony Joshua has claimed he would have been willing to fight the shamed Jarrell Miller despite multiple failed drugs tests.

The world heavyweight champion was set to face “Big Baby” in the Brit’s first fight on American soil on June 1, in defence of his four titles.

Miller failed drugs tests for EPO, Human Growth Hormone and GW1516 ahead of the proposed fight.

The confident Joshua, admitted he suspected the American might be caught using drugs, and that he was prepared to face him regardless if somehow the governing bodies allowed it.

“I would’ve fought Miller on PEDs,” Joshua told iFL TV.

“What Miller chooses to do, or the governing bodies chose to do has nothing to do with me. As long as I can crack on and do my job.

“I don’t think he can beat me on PEDs anyway. It would’ve been a good fight, it would’ve been a tough fight.

“Because when I was sparring, I had some physical big guys weighing about 300lbs.

“They’re good on the inside, they’re heavy, you can’t move them and stuff like that.”

Joshua pursuit to face heavyweight boxing’s biggest names continues to frustrate and this saga is just another setback in his quest for global recognition.

His critics will have been spurred on further by the announcement of Miller’s replacement, Andy Ruiz Jr.

Ruiz Jr is certainly not someone Joshua can afford to underestimate but not a fighter who will catch the eye of many casual fans, making the fight on June 1 is a ‘lose-lose’ situation for AJ in many ways.

As many others before, Ruiz has promised to inflict a first professional defeat on Joshua.

He said: “I have a second chance to make history, to become the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world. I’m here to win it.

“I’m here to win, I’m not scared of nobody.

“I see a lot of flaws that he [Joshua] does. I can slip the punches, that what we’ve been practicing a lot, bobbing and weaving, throwing punches, counter-punching.

“I can move, I can box, throw a lot of punches, combinations, I’m here to shock the world.”

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