Vince McMahon high on Andrade right now because his English is improving in WWE

  • Raza Kazi

Despite not having the best of starts to life in WWE, Andrade is enjoying some deserves success at last.

His rocky beginning on NXT was a real shame, especially since there was so much hype surrounding his arrival. Although, WWE made the bold decision of removing the legendary mask and having him show his face instead.


Despite the hurdles, he’s come out of the other side looking like a real star, with some of the credit going to Zelina Vega who has done a remarkable job with him.

Following a run as NXT Champion, Andrade now calls SmackDown LIVE his home and fans are still hopeful that the company does something worthwhile with the man who looks like a genuine superstar.

In fact, at one stage, it was thought that WWE planned on making Andrade the next Rey Mysterio. Plus, he’ll have his first chance to impress on a massive stage and potentially enter the main event picture at the Money in the Bank event.

Rumours have indicated that WWE plans on making the winner a huge star this year to overcome the disappointments of Braun Strowman and Baron Corbin who have both held the Money in the Bank briefcase before.

If this new update by Fightful is anything to go by, then perhaps Andrade’s name will be one of the favourites.


The source has reported that Vince McMahon is currently very high on Andrade right now. Part of the reason could be that Andrade’s English has continued to improve and it’s why he’s earning such a push – especially since his initial English promo didn’t sit well with fans.

Ringside News added that speaking clearly is just as important, primarily because sometimes they’re performing in buildings that don’t have the best PA systems.

The latter source also explained that Andrade has been able to adopt a portion of his heel character where he draws a negative reaction for speaking in his native Spanish tongue.

The reason this is very effective is because the crowd knows he can speak English, he just chooses not to and opts for Spanish. The same tactic has been used previously by Kenny Omega in Japan, where the fans knew he could speak Japanese but to draw heat, he delivered promos in English.

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