Visual representation shows the ticket allocation for Chelsea and Arsenal fans in Baku

Athletics - Day 10: Baku 2015 - 1st European Games

After Liverpool and Tottenham booked an all-English final in the Champions League, Arsenal and Chelsea did likewise in the Europa League on Thursday.

The Gunners eased past Valencia, while Chelsea needed penalties to progress past Eintracht Frankfurt.

Now, fans need to work out how they’re going to travel 2,500 miles to Baku, Azerbaijan ahead of the final on May 29.

Currently, there are no direct flights from London to Baku in the week of the final.

But getting there is only half of the issue.

Getting a ticket could prove to be even more difficult.

UEFA have allocated Arsenal and Chelsea just 6,000 tickets each - in a 68,700 seater stadium.

That’s ludicrous.

And it’s now been put into context with an accurate visual representation.


That really shows just how ridiculous it is.

Of course, Arsenal and Chelsea fans won’t actually be sitting next to each other.

The running track around the outside of the pitch obviously doesn’t make the viewing experience any better, either.

Earlier this week, UEFA attempted to explain exactly why they’ve only given Arsenal and Chelsea just 6,000 tickets.

"Based on UEFA's recent experience with UEFA Europa League finals and the UEFA Super Cup in comparable venues the number of finalists' supporters requesting tickets for a UEFA Europa League final can vary greatly from club to club," a statement read.

"Of course, it is impossible to predict in advance which clubs will reach the final while the venue has to be chosen around two years in advance.

"Taking into consideration the above and most importantly the geographical location and logisitcal capacity of airports in and around the host city, it was deemed that around 15,000 spectators would be able to travel from abroad (this includes finalists' fans and general public), with Baku as the main hub. 

"Offering more tickets to fans of the participating teams, without any guarantee that they would be able to arrange suitable travel to reach Baku, was therefore not a responsible option. 

"Based on these circumstances, for this year's UEFA Europa League final in Baku, 6,000 tickets have been made available to each of the finalists. 

"UEFA remains in close contact with the finalists regarding the travel arrangements of their supporters and any other operational aspects with regards to the final."

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