WWE stars reportedly unhappy at Lio Rush's lifestyle after he complains about his salary

Lio Rush

The biggest talking point of WWE in recent weeks has surprisingly been Lio Rush.

Rumours of heat surrounding the manager of Bobby Lashley resurfaced a few weeks ago and more details were brought to light about his backstage conduct.

From ignoring advice from Finn Balor and other locker room leaders, to Hall of Famer Mark Henry firing shots at him for 'lying to his face', and telling other superstars he was trying to land himself a reality show alongside his wife, it's all kind of piled up for the 'Man Of The Hour'.

Rush spoke out to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, where he said he could not afford to live the life of a WWE superstar, travelling from city to city, and he apparently hasn't been paid for merchandise sold with his catchphrases on.

Around this time, reports of Rush rejecting a new contract and requesting for double what was offered had circulated, and as of right now he's not appearing on WWE television.

PWInsider's Mike Johnston has heard that some sections of the locker room and others backstage aren't too pleased with the way Lio lives his life.

“There’s a lot of people in the company who are very upset with him about the claim that he wasn’t making a liveable wage," Johnston said, per NoDQ

Lio Rush may never make it back to main roster television after gaining significant heat backstage

"And we’ve heard from a number of wrestlers that, if he wasn’t making a liveable wage, why was he able to bring his wife with him on the road every weekend and why was he flying in first class with his wife as often as he was?”

“There were a number of times wrestlers saw him or passed him in first class or sat with him in first class or passed by him to go to coach so there were some people who were not happy with him."

So maybe we've located the reason as to why Rush doesn't have much money as he's stated.

You can see why WWE officials and fellow wrestlers would be annoyed if he's choosing to travel in first class though, and this has probably contributed to the heat and subsequent removal from television.

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