Drew McIntyre recalls the moment Kofi Kingston knocked him out at Money In The Bank 2010

Drew McIntyre

Many WWE superstars probably could argue they've deserved better treatment creatively over the last few months.

None more-so than Drew McIntyre who seemed to be being built for huge things in 2018 when he returned to the main roster.

But come 2019 he had lost his unbeaten run, eliminated from the Royal Rumble by Dolph Ziggler and was beaten at WrestleMania by Roman Reigns.

There's signs of a revival of his character though and many fans fancy him for a huge match coming up very soon.

McIntyre will compete in the 2019 men's Money In The Bank match at the eponymous event next week, and it's not the first time he will attempt to climb that ladder and claim the briefcase.

The Scottish Psychopath was part of the first-ever 10-man bout in 2010, and took a particularly brutal bump when he was laid out on the ringside announcers table.

Kofi Kingston landed a nasty-looking leg drop from the top of the ladder, with his weight going right across the face of McIntyre - you can see the incident here.

Some eight years later, Drew has recalled the feeling of the moment, and has revealed he went fully unconscious with no recollection of where he was.

Drew McIntyre has recalled the moment he was knocked out by Kofi Kingston at the 2011 Money In The Bank

"I was lying on the table when Kofi came off the ladder and landed on me. He landed on my chest and slid through, onto my head," Drew told ViBe & Wrestling, per WrestlingInc

"I remember waking up, wondering why thousands of people were in my bedroom. Shaking the cobwebs off and eventually shouting, the referee starts calling over to me to figure out what's going on.

"I quickly got my bearings and remembered I was in a Money in the Bank ladder match. But that was my first thought, 'Why is everybody in my bedroom?'"

Lets hope disaster doesn't strike once again next Sunday as we all know how dangerous these ladder matches can be.

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