American athlete performs 'Superman dive' to win 400m hurdles


American athlete Infinite Tucker became an internet sensation over the weekend after his amazing 'Superman dive' won him the gold medal in the 400m hurdles.

Tucker was competing in the Southeastern Conference Track and Field Championships in the US and put his body on the line to claim the victory.

As Tucker and fellow competitor Robert Grant leapt over the final hurdle and into the home straight, there was very little to split the two.

The pair can be seen giving absolutely everything as the conclusion of the race drew closer, with it set to be a conventional photo finish to decide who would take home the medal.

However, Tucker had other ideas and with the line within touching distance, propelled himself with both arms outstretched to finish the race in first.

As the result of the race came in, the commentator stated that “he wasn’t about to leave it on the track” and this could not have been more accurate, with Tucker sprawled out on his back with nothing left in the tank.

After the race, Tucker explained to ESPN what was going through his head as he pulled off such an extraordinary move.

“I closed my eyes over hurdle ten. I opened it, saw my ma at the finish, and I jumped to give her a hug,” Tucker revealed.

“I just gave it my all and I felt like diving to the finish was me using my whole body. I just gave it my all that race.”

You would struggle to find anyone who would deny that, although not everyone was impressed with his antics.

Grant, who finished runner-up to this unconventional method, had to refrain himself from speaking his mind.

“If I say what I thought on this camera, microphone right now, Coach (Pat) Henry would kick me off the team,” were his words after the race.

Despite Grant’s clear disappointment, the dedication Tucker demonstrated can be an inspiration for anyone across any sport.

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