Drew McIntyre refutes reports that Sheamus is set to retire due to a neck injury

Drew McIntyre

When you think of WWE stars who have been able to bring their best to the table for the past 10 straight years, you'd find it hard to put anyone above Sheamus at the top of that very list.

Some of his matches and feuds haven't always been memorable, but he's had multiple world title runs, solid matches and won almost every belt there is to win.

But how long will he continue for?

Reports surfaced a few days ago that Sheamus' career was hanging in the balance because of the state his neck is in from years of wrestling.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reported that the hope was he would get through to WrestleMania, and he competed there and even a few nights later on the SmackDown after 'Mania.

Since then though, The Celtic Warrior has not been seen on television and his tag team partner Cesaro has been sent to Raw.

Drew McIntyre though has told WWE fans to stop worrying.

Rumours about Sheamus' career ending abruptly swirled this week, but Drew McIntyre has put them to bed

During an interview with The Pro Wrestling Show of talkSPORT this morning, The Scottish Psychopath cleared up the gossip whilst telling an anecdote of how Sheamus was the best man at his wedding.

"To see him go on and win multiple titles, Royal Rumbles, Money In The Banks and pretty much everything you can win is really awesome," said McIntyre.

"I'm so proud of everything he's done, but I wouldn't believe everything you read on the internet."

That is clearly in reference to the retirement rumours, and if anyone is going to know the truth it's Sheamus' best friend.

Obviously his history with spinal stenosis isn't positive and a concussion also suffered recently won't have helped matters, but Sheamus has seemed to handle the balance pretty well up to now.

With his condition he will probably need more time off than any full-time superstar on the roster, and considering he's already paid his dues and then some to the company, we can assume that he's currently just resting up.

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