Manchester United fan pictured with 'Aguero' on his shirt is named Leonard Aguero


Picture the scene.

Manchester City are winning back-to-back Premier League titles.

Liverpool are being denied silverware, but are receiving plaudits all around for a truly commendable season as they take their points tally to a remarkable 97.

Then, there's what's unfolding at Old Trafford.

Manchester United spent the final day of a miserable campaign suffering a 10th defeat, this time to relegated Cardiff City.

On the one hand, the majority of United fans will be thrilled that Liverpool are still no closer to their record of 20 English titles than they were 29 years ago.

City were the lesser of two evils. Make no mistake, though, the sight of Pep Guardiola, Vincent Kompany and co. lifting that trophy will still make agonising viewing for everyone associated with the Red Devils.

It was a very brave move of one United fan to rock up to the Theatre of Dreams on the final day of the season in a shirt with 'Aguero' on the back.

'Delete this club' 

Possibly the most 'modern football' thing you've ever seen? The ultimate confirmation of the sad demise of Manchester United Football Club? Think again.


Journalist Si Lloyd who was chronicling the unfortunate fan's day on Twitter gave a much-needed update after initially posting the photo with the caption 'Delete this club'...

And it turns out the supporter in question is actually called Leonard Aguero, no relation of City's all-time leading goalscorer Sergio. Just superb. 


He'd travelled all the way from Melbourne, Australia and should get a lot of credit for his dedication. It's just a shame United didn't repay him with a decent result.

The United fan has responded  

Aguero - Leonard, that is - has even made a Twitter account especially after the mix-up. Here was his first tweet: 


In fairness, he wouldn't have been the only one in the stands who was backing the Argentine when he equalised against Brighton, a goal that dashed Liverpool's hopes of glory.

It turns out there were quite a few fans on social media who could sympathise, too:

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