‘Manchester United's history went down when they signed Alexis Sanchez’ says Evra

Alexis Sanchez's move to Man Utd hasn't worked out.

Manchester United have had Alexis Sanchez for 18 months now and it's looking unlikely that it'll work out.

Much was made of the Chilean's arrival from Arsenal. He's turned down Manchester City, after all, and was one of the best players in the Premier League.

He was to be the key part of the puzzle for Jose Mourinho, able to add some flair to a largely uninspiring attack.

Instead, Sanchez has been the least inspiring of the lot - and that's saying something.

The transfer has been a disaster, made even more so by the staggering wages afforded to Sanchez as part of luring him away from City.

His wages are reported as being 'worth £350,000 a week, rising to £500,000 a week with bonuses and image rights'.

That's an awful lot for a player who isn't offering you anything.

And former United player Patrice Evra believes those figures were one of two reasons Sanchez may have chosen the club over their neighbours.

"Some players only come for the money, I am not afraid to say that," he told Gary Neville and Sky Sports. "I have nothing against him, but Sanchez, when I saw the deal, that's when I thought the Manchester United history just went down.

Sanchez against Manchester City.

"He had Manchester City, they were offering less money but he was going to play better football than United - I'm sorry about that, but City play better football. Guardiola will also improve him.

"So I want to know what is the real reason for choosing United? Don't tell me he loved Manchester United when he was a kid.

"It's either the money or he wanted to be the number one, take the No 7 shirt and be the star."

Injuries haven't helped Sanchez's United career.

It's difficult to argue with Evra there, especially when we know the extent of the deal that brought him to the club.

It is possible he wanted to be the face and star of the club, of course - although his performances don't exactly add any weight to that.

Whatever the reason, you've got to imagine United will try to do something about Sanchez this summer. Even if it means sealing his fate as one of the club's biggest flops.

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