Triple H is reportedly 'the most frustrated person in WWE' over Vince McMahon's creative decisions

Triple H

WWE are trying to recover from a current collapse in ratings and viewership, with numbers hitting record non-holiday lows two weeks ago.

And lot of people are blaming Vince McMahon's creative mind for the fall-off of quality in both Raw and SmackDown.

SmackDown in particular last year seemed to be the superior brand in terms of quality, with the one less hour than Raw seemingly being of benefit, but now it kind of just feels like Raw-lite.

It's not hard to find detractors of McMahon's recent work, and it seems as though Triple H himself isn't a fan of his father-in-law at the moment.

As spotted last week, The Game liked, then subsequently unliked, a tweet citing 'pointless and confusing storylines' for a drop in ratings.

And if the man who called in to Wade Keller's podcast yesterday has any ounce of truth towards his claims, then Triple H really is unhappy with the way things are going.

A person who claimed to have ties to three current WWE writers stated that HHH is the most 'frustrated guy in the back every night', per WrestlingNews.

Furthermore, writers allegedly told him that it looks as though at times The Game is consoling superstars, namely NXT graduates, and takes them under his wing.

Triple H is reportedly not too happy with Vince McMahon's creative direction of WWE shows

The caller then went on to describe many recent backstage happenings relating to McMahon, such as changing the nature of the Superstar Shake-up every week, to not listening to any suggestions at all from the creative team, and that one writer in particular is close to quitting because he is 'incredibly unhappy'.

He also told of how McMahon and Neville got into a slanging match backstage before he quit WWE, how Vince loses interest in some superstars extremely quickly, highlighting Mojo Rawley as an example, and he reportedly told Andrade to 'learn some English' when he asked for a push.

It's believed that HHH, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon [pictured] have all tried to reason with Vince to no avail

It comes as no surprise to be told also that HHH, Stephanie and Shane McMahon have all apparently tried to reason with Vince to no avail.

You'd of course have to take all these claims with a pinch of salt, but some of it certainly ties in with stories we've heard recently, and Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has confirmed that apart from a few rare exceptions, he's heard the same lines from people within the company.

So at least now we can take most of it as gospel.

Signs of backstage unrest is definitely not a good thing and we can only hope things get better in the near future.

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