Twitch streamer Ninja is switching his camera off whilst eating to respect fans celebrating Ramadan

For those of you who don’t know Ninja – where have you been?

As the video game Fortnite became popular, a streamer from Chicago, Illinois by the real name of Richard Tyler Blevins absolutely exploded in popularity.

Ninja now has 21 million subscribers on YouTube, as well as being the most subscribed streamer on Twitch with a figure of well over 14 million.

He’s played Fortnite with the likes of Travis Scott and Drake, gaming with the latter saw him break Twitch records, with 500,000 people watching the two do their thing.

So in gaming terms, he is the David Beckham of the industry, with numerous sponsorship deals to match and is a huge influencer.

He is that influential that Electronic Arts reportedly paid him $1 million to promote their game Apex Legends and play it on his stream.

You can see why he’s a big deal now.

And this week, Ninja has shown he is all class by showing respect to a section of his fanbase as the month of Ramadan began for Muslims.

When a fan messaged Ninja during a stream and told him it was really hard for them to watch him and others eat during a time in which they can’t, Ninja showed solidarity and turned his camera off.

He will continue to switch his face-cam off whenever he eats and streams at the same time in a show of support for his Muslim subscribers for the rest of Ramadan.

Here is the clip where he makes the decision to switch his camera off.

You can’t help but respect his actions – he doesn’t have to do it but out of respect for another faith he is choosing to do so, and has so far stuck to his word.

Blevins has received lots of praise and rightly so, and long may his good actions continue.

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