Triple H frustrated with Vince McMahon as he's too open to booking suggestions


Reports emerged this week stated that frustrations with WWE and with Vince McMahon go as far as some of the biggest names in the company such as Triple H.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Wrestling Inc, The Game is 'the most frustrated person in WWE' over Vince's creative decisions after Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live each week.

These claims were made by a man who recently spent time with three WWE creative team members. Now, further reports have revealed more information about Triple H's frustrations and the reason behind them.

The Observer notes that one big problem isn't necessarily that Vince McMahon isn't open to suggestions, but that they believe he's too open to suggestions.

They've reported that there has been too much input from too many people on the writing team, which is 40 strong, some who haven't figured out that when something is changed in a storyline, it has a ripple effect on every other aspect of the story.

It was noted that Vince solicits input on so many ideas, from so many people, that it leads to the product being watered down.

Fans have taken action against WWE's poor product over recent months, as TV ratings for Raw and SmackDown haven't been as good as they could be.

WWE has tried to react to this in recent weeks by introducing the Wild Card rule, allowing a select few superstars in the WWE to compete on both shows in order to drive up viewing figures.


The Observer reported that Stephanie McMahon has nothing to do with the creative side of WWE these days, and Shane McMahon pitches some ideas for himself, but they rarely get used.

Triple H picks his spots to talk with Vince, but never does it in front of people. It's unsurprising that The Game is so frustrated with Vince as he's one of the most passionate people in wrestling.

Just like Triple H, fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that things get better in the WWE very soon.

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