Man Utd got their years confused with new design for Adidas goalkeeper kit

Peter Schmeichel

It doesn't get much more memorable for Manchester United than the 1998-99 season.

For a team that hoovered up trophies like they were going out of fashion, there are many stunning campaigns to look back on during the 27-year reign of Sir Alex Ferguson.

When you look at their Premier League season alone, it wasn't a season that was particularly special and - despite winning the title back from Arsenal - they 'only' amassed 79 points.

What makes that year truly special is the fact United won the treble and despite having more spectacular league campaigns over the years, they were never as dominant across the board.

The Red Devils added the FA Cup to their collection with a 2-0 win over Newcastle United, before winning the Champions League in astonishing fashion against Bayern Munich.

Treble-winning season

When you consider the situation the club now finds itself in, you can forgive supporters for looking back on the good old days and that's especially the case after their 2019-20 kit launch.

Certain aspects of their new Adidas strips are harking back to the jerseys once worn by the likes of David Beckham and Paul Scholes during that stunning haul of trophies.

It's certainly easy to make comparisons with the new home kit, using a border around the famous badge just like that glorious night at Camp Nou.

Alex Ferguson and Peter Schmeichel

Man Utd's jersey mistake

However, the process hasn't been so efficient when it comes to the goalkeeper kit and it seems the commercial team at Old Trafford have got their dates mixed up.

According to The Sun, the club's official website stated: "The home goalkeeper jersey has a tiger pattern featuring a dark purple two-tone design, inspired by the top worn by our legendary No.1, Peter Schmeichel, during the 1998/99 season."

Only, Schmeichel actually wore a bright green jersey during the treble-winning season and he actually wore the purple strip they're referring to in the 1996/97 campaign.


Fans were quick to point about the mistake across social media and it's certainly an embarrassing slip up, particularly if that was the whole reason they selected a purple colour scheme. 

Not only that, but the footage of Schmeichel performing his roly-poly in the kit, which is hard to miss in its brightness, is recognisable to almost every United fan.

Of course, it's still a pretty smart goalkeeper jersey and based on an equally class design, but they should probably go about editing their website description. 


United still won the Premier League title that season - albeit with the lowest winning tally ever - yet it certainly wasn't as glorious as the campaign that would come two years later.

Seems like some history revision should be put on the timetable at Old Trafford.

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