Arsenal and Chelsea struggling to sell 6,000 tickets for the Europa League final


At face value, Arsenal vs Chelsea in the Europa League final has all the makings of a great game.

Long-time English rivals going head-to-head in Europe with Champions League football at stake - for one club anyway.

Having finished third in the Premier League, Chelsea are safe knowing they will be competing in the Champions League next season regardless of the result.

But for Arsenal, who came fifth after losing four of their final seven games, this is their last chance to return to the pinnacle of European competition.

It should be a pulsating clash, and yet a lot of Arsenal and Chelsea fans will be forced to watch the final at home due to it being in Azerbaijan.

Not only are fans being asked to pay a small fortune to travel to Baku - flights alone would cost around £1,000 - but there are no direct flights from London.

Connecting flights with stopovers is the only other option, while Google Maps suggests a road trip to Baku would take 57 hours - over two days.

Furthermore, Arsenal and Chelsea have only been allocated 6,000 tickets each, despite the Baku Olympic Stadium having a capacity of over 68,000.


Simply put, UEFA have messed up.

And there's a good chance the Arsenal and Chelsea sections will be rather empty after the Evening Standard reported that both clubs are struggling to sell tickets.

Arsenal supporters have bought around 3,000 of their allocated 6,000 tickets so far, while Chelsea supporters have bought even less.

Arsenal FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League

Indeed, it's feared the Blues will have less fans inside the stadium than their London rivals, with one source claiming only 600 Chelsea season ticket holders have committed.

Chelsea have even opened up the sale to members and said that loyalty points - which are awarded for matches attended - are no longer required to apply.

Ultimately what was meant to be an exciting European final has turned into a farce and it's a wonder exactly what the atmosphere will be like on May 29.

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