Man Utd's away kit for 2019/20 season leaked


Manchester United fans will want to forget about the 2018/19 season as soon as possible.

Jose Mourinho's sacking and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's arrival in December saw a huge improvement, but as soon as Solskjaer was made permanent manager, everything went wrong.

United's demise started at the beginning of March, when they lost 2-0 to Arsenal and then 2-1 to Wolves to exit the FA Cup just before the international break.

Another defeat to Wolves followed when they returned to action before losing 4-0 on aggregate to Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals.

With five Premier League games remaining the Red Devils still had a chance of making the top four, but three defeats and two draws saw them finish sixth in the end.

Solskjaer now has a massive job on his hands to turn things around at United, starting with a mass overhaul of his mediocre squad.

Several players on big salaries are expected to leave - Ashley Young being one of them - which will open the door to much-needed new signings.

With a new season also comes a new image, and this week United's home shirt for 2019/20 was released online.

It's inspired by United's historic treble in 1999 and features a black label on the sleeve with '90+3' on it, referencing Solskjaer's last-minute winner in the Champions League final.

United fans have raised a couple of issues with the shirt, such as the £100 price tag for the authentic version, but on the whole it looks good.

The same can't be said for their reported away kit, though, which is disgusting judging by the images Footy Headlines have leaked.

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Gross. What is that snake skin/leopard print design all about?

United fans have come out in their masses to react to their supposed away kit for next season and it's safe to say they don't like it.

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