Barcelona players are against the club signing Antoine Griezmann this summer

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Antoine Griezmann is an absolute expert at sparking controversy about his future.

The Frenchman made the bewildering decision to create a documentary last summer that would reveal whether he would stay at Atletico Madrid or make a high-profile move to Barcelona.

It certainly didn't win awards for professionalism, but the only saving grace was that he decided to remain at the Wanda Metropolitano and not offend the entire club in the process.

However, that dramatic announcement hasn't exactly aged well, with Griezmann now declaring that he attends to leave the club just 12 months after signing a five-year contract.

It's even been reported that Griezmann was considering another documentary to announce the news but - thankfully - Atletico intervened and broke the news through official protocol.

Griezmann close to Barca deal

"It's been an incredible five years here. Thanks for everything, from the bottom of my heart," the World Cup winner explained during the video.

After all the speculation that summer, it was quickly assumed that Barcelona would resume their interest in the forward and reports are rife that the Blaugrana will active his release clause.

Nevertheless, it might not be as simple as that and a new report suggests that the Barcelona squad - who had welcomed Griezmann one year ago - aren't very enthusiastic about the transfer.


Barcelona squad are against the move

Catalan publication Sport claims that the players don't want Griezmann anywhere near Camp Nou and are even willing to veto a move that Josep Maria Bartomeu is trying to negotiate.

The report clearly outlines the unprecedented nature of the situation: "They have not taken a stance like this before in other transfers but Griezmann is different. They do not want him."

A dressing room source said the players would be satisfied with the arrivals of Matthijs de Light and Frenkie de Jong, believing a Griezmann deal would set a bad example to young players.

The animosity stems from - you guessed it - the controversial documentary, with many players viewing the production as disrespectful to them and Barcelona as an institution.

Sports elaborates by saying: "The group thinks a player acting in that way, not just to Barca but to his own club Atletico too, is not worthy of wearing the shirt.

"Many players felt betrayed, it was an unpardonable affront. A gesture which will not be forgotten."

Pretty strong stuff and the report goes on to explain that Lionel Messi has denied calling the Frenchman and that none of his teammates have offered any form of encouragement.


Even Barcelona fans are unhappy with the situation and Griezmann was given an indication of that very recently, having been met his boos during his trip to Camp Nou on April 6.

Not only that, but Sport decided to gauge the fan reception by setting up a poll and 67% of the 50,000 voters were against the idea of Griezmann moving to the club.

It all makes for a pretty dire situation as far as the Atletico man is concerned and raises the question: will he actually move elsewhere this summer?

Barcelona fans: Do you want Griezmann at your club? Have your say in the comments section below.

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